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“Airports Do Care” Outreach Program

ADC’s Community Outreach Program Mission Statement & Guidelines

ADC’s “Airports Do Care” Outreach Programs seek to positively impact specific quality-of-life issues within the communities served by the region’s aviation industry. This will be accomplished through the issuance of small grants for grassroots initiatives focused on programs assisting local youth and promoting education, leadership training, cultural enhancement and principle-centered values. This program is sponsored through resources made available by the region’s aviation industry and is intended to reflect the industry’s commitment to being a good neighbor in the communities surrounding our New York metropolitan-area airports (EWR, JFK, LGA, TEB, and SWF). Our program has a special focus on under-served communities that surround the PANYNJ-managed airports and programs that are aviation or aerospace-related – including technical and engineering initiatives within the aerospace or aviation industry disciplines.

Aviation Development Council Airports Do Care Outreach program

ADC’s community outreach will be concentrated in three major areas

  1. Youth-wellness (including education, sports programming, and cultural arts or performing arts curricula)
  2. Leadership development (with programs that focus on developing positive character, principle-based leadership skills, and/or healthy self-esteem)
  3. Youth education (which would include educational programs that promote volunteer-based mentoring, tutoring, career training and the understanding of diverse cultures and ethnic groups within our area neighborhoods)

Our community outreach program will favor initiatives that include

  1. Education & youth-development programs for youth ages 8-23.
  2. Year-round programs and projects that enhance learning for children.
  3. Year-round transitional programs for youth to become productive adults.
  4. Programs and projects that develop self-esteem, positive values, while expanding educational, career and cultural opportunities.
  5. Volunteer-based mentoring, tutoring programs and community service projects.

Funding or Grant Qualifications

Organizations seeking support from the ADC’s “Airports Do Care” program must

  1. Send a written request with a brief description of the organization, an indication of competence in the interest area of the proposal, and an outline of the project for which it needs assistance. This proposal should explain who will benefit and how the program will function to reach its goals.
  2. Fulfill the goals of the ADC Community Outreach Mission Statement within one or more of its three primary focus areas.
  3. Confirm that their program’s benefits will be realized in one or more of the local neighborhoods surrounding the metropolitan NYC airports (EWR, JFK, LGA, TEB, and possibly SWF)

Other Funding or Award Criteria
  1. Aviation-related, technical and aerospace-focused organizations that have been operating successful community-based programs will receive preferential consideration.
  2. Organizations with a tax exempt status under Section 501(C)(3) are preferable, and those organizations must submit a letter from the IRS declaring this status.
  3. 501(c)(3) organizations should submit a recently completed IRS 990 Form.
  4. Grants are for one (1) year and are not automatically renewable for multiple years**.
  5. Organizations are limited to one (1) grant application per calendar year.
  6. In order to maximize the effectiveness of ADC’s community relations program, it will generally favor the support of local requests that already have partial funding approved from other sources. This will allow ADC to leverage its limited resources to the best interests of the community.
  7. ADC will also look favorably upon requests that are endorsed by local community leaders and/or elected officials.


The ADC “Airports Do Care” program will not fund:

  1. Discretionary or emergency requests
  2. Scholarship programs for single individuals
  3. Research projects
  4. Capital or endowment campaigns
  5. State agencies
  6. Established social service programs (Federal, State, or local)

** Programs sponsored by religious organizations can be eligible for grants if their programs benefit members of the greater community, regardless of their religious affiliation.

Level of Support:
  1. Small grants – the ADC Community Outreach Fund will utilize most of its resources to fund appropriate local projects at levels of $2,000 or less.
  2. Large grants – the ADC Community Outreach Program may fund a very small number of special neighborhood projects at levels of $2,100-$5,000.

**All grant requests will need to fit within our general guidelines and must provide direct benefits to our area neighborhoods.

Grant Deadlines

There are four grant cycles per year, and grants can be awarded every quarter. If you submit a grant application after one cycle has closed, your application will be considered during the next cycle.

Grant proposals MUST BE RECEIVED by the deadlines listed below:

February 1st. – 1st quarter submission deadline
March 15th. – 1st quarter grant awards deadline

May 30th. – 2nd quarter submission deadline
June 30th. – 2nd quarter submission deadline

August 1st. – 2nd quarter grant awards deadline
September 15th. – 3rd quarter submission deadline

November 1st. – 3rd quarter grant awards deadline
December 15th. – 4th quarter submission deadline

Approval Process: All qualified funding requests will be reviewed by the ADC Board of Directors and must receive a majority vote of its board members in order to be approved. This approval process usually occurs once during each calendar-year quarter. Organizations receiving funding approval will receive notification by mail, email, and/or by telephone from the Executive Director of ADC.

Allocation of Funds: In order to distribute the fund resources in an equitable manner, the ADC Board of Directors will attempt to allocate one-third of its community outreach fund to the New Jersey communities surrounding both Newark Liberty International and Teterboro Airports , and two-thirds of its community-based funding to the New York communities surrounding LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports . No more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the ADC Community Outreach Fund’s annual budget will be allocated during each calendar-year quarter.

Please submit applications to:

Aviation Development Council
World Plaza Building
141-07 20th Avenue
Suite 404
Whitestone, NY 11357
Attn: “Airports Do Care” Outreach Funding